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Minerals and crystals pictures to illustrate geology sites or school projects and homework

Par stephane • News • Saturday 07/03/2009 • 0 commentaires • Version imprimable

Stamps featuring pictures or photos of crystals and minerals make great illustrations for sites about geology or rockhounding, for presentations or Earth sciences school projects and homework. For a site or work about diamonds (e.g. the diamond industry, blood diamonds, diamond jewelery etc.), you could for instance use stamps from Southern Africa where most diamonds are mined, and stamps from Israel and Belgium where most diamonds are cut and sold.

You can take a few minerals or crystals pictures from this site to illustrate your blog, site or school project (not the whole collection though!). Please link back to the individual stamp page on Mineral Stamps. Do not hesitate to contact me if you include a few pics on your site, or to add a comment below.

Some examples of beautiful minerals pictures:

Amethyst images  

Diamond images