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More than 100 minerals on stamps catalogued

Par stephane • News • Monday 10/11/2008 • 2 commentaires • Version imprimable

There are now 202 stamps representing 101 different minerals from 43 countries referenced on I still have many mineral stamps to scan and publish online, and there are still even more mineral stamps that I do not own yet. I am quite surprised by the popularity of this theme, it seems like mineral stamps are popping up like mushrooms! (a favorite theme of many topical stamps collectors)

If you collect mineral stamps and own some rare ones, I would be very interested in high quality scans (600 dpi, full color) of them! I don't have any one from earlier than 1950. Some are also quite expensive or rare in a new condition. Thanks in advance!


An Iron & Steel thematic element. par Ricky le Wednesday 21/12/2011 à 03:53

Hi. Getting a stamp with the raw materials for steel depicted has been surprisingly difficult. Both limestone and iron ore have been troublesome although both calcium and iron mineral types are easy to find. I have resorted to a Karst landscape for the limestone and have found a Newfoundland stamp depicting iron ore tranport. Coal was much easier. Otherwise there is a lot to go for! Crucibles, heroic workers, Bessemer converters, casting pigs, blast furnaces and all sorts of plant.

Re: An Iron & Steel thematic element. par Anonyme le Sunday 15/03/2015 à 18:18

I realise this post is ancient but you are still struggling for limestone and iron ore I can make some suggestions.