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Par stephane • News • Wednesday 01/10/2008 • 0 commentaires • Version imprimable

Since last week-end, I now have a place online to publish and share my collection of stamps featuring minerals and crystal. The domain was available, which is probably a sign that there are not that many collectors of mineral stamps around. I guess other categories of topical stamps like flowers and animals are more popular. Maybe mushrooms too!

I'm a big fan of rockhounding (an activity that consists in keeping my eyes to the ground in all the beautiful places, high mountains, clear lakes, sandy beaches etc. I go to), and my suitcase is always full of rocks on my return business trips to California (I go there for two weeks every time, so that leaves some time for digging up rocks and crystals in the week-end). The problem with rocks is that they tend to take up a lot of space. So I turned to collecting mineral stamps, which is a more space-savy hobby. :-)

Of course I hate to leave my rock stamps neatly arranged in a stamps book, so I decided to publish images of them on a web site. This is a time consuming process, but it offers the opportunity to classify the stamps in multiple categories: countries, years, but also minerals and even color!

So welcome to Mineral! I have hundreds of stamps to scan and publish, so it is likely to take me a little while. And when I'm done, I will certainly ask for your help to get pictures of all the missing ones. In particular, I don't have many mineral First Day Covers (they are too big I guess), so if you would like to contribute some, please click on the top right "Contact" link.

Happy rockhounding and stamphounding!